Since I’ve reached my final product on my genius hour project on the Bermuda Triangle I am really satisfied with how it all turned out and how it physically looks like. The project over all has helped me learn a lot of new and interesting facts about this topic that I’ve been curious about for a long time now. Finding and picking the information has given me a lot of options when it comes to the true and false information about my topic and has given me better experiencing when it comes to finding more trust worthy information for my project so that I know I am giving out truthful information. By finding all the information I am so much more aware of the history, location, disappearances, and facts about the Bermuda Triangle. The final product is a presentation with information that will be explained by me and with visuals to help people understand and visualize it all more. I also included a video so that the topic goes into even more detail. I’m really happy with the turn out of my genius hour project and feel like I’ve learnt a lot and that when I present this project to the class they will learn a lot too.
    My genius hour project has gotten larger and has been improved day by day. Some new concepts I have learnt through researching on the Bermuda Triangle have been my sense of knowing what resources are the best ones and which ones have better content and truth in them than others. Some new ideas that I have gained are the endless amount of theories on the Bermuda Triangle and the ones that are more believed than others. I’ve also gained some ideas on the exact location of the triangle and the mysteries behind the actual location.    

   Some of my best resources so far have been the time we have had in class as the computers and internet have helped me with all my research to find all the information that I need for my end product. Books have also given me very good resources as they've given truthful and real information that I can use for my own presentation. Overall I think my presentation will be filled with good information that people can gain and find interest in. My topic is probably not just a mystery that I think about every so often but a mystery that many people think of. Hopefully my presentation will help people gain new perspectives and theories on the Bermuda Triangle and answer some of the questions they have been thinking about since the mysteries have started.    

Here is a video about the history of the Bermuda Triangle.
   As my genius hour project has gotten larger I have learnt more and more interesting facts about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. My skills on researching this specific topic have gotten a lot better as I have found much more reliable sources and websites that have given me good and truthful information that I am able to use for my own project. My skills in researching topics in general have also gotten better in the sense that I am able to find information quickly and am able to use my time on my project more productively and easily.

   Some questions that I still have on the Bermuda Triangle are all of the different theories and figuring out which one would be the most appropriate theory that would fit the beliefs and theories in our time now. There are a large number of theories out there on the different ways that ships and airplanes have disappeared in this mysterious place and some are much more believable than others, but it is still hard to figure out which one is the most truthful and real one. My perspective has very much changed as I originally didn’t consider and believe all the different ways these disappearances could have supposedly occurred. I have now took in more of the theories and have gotten a better understanding of how the mystery of the Bermuda triangle happened and started.

Above is a video of the top 10 mysterious explanations of the Bermuda Triangle.
     For my genius hour project I chose to research the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. I chose this topic as I find the mystery disappearances to be very interesting and I also find the legends and myths to be really appealing. I hope to be able to find out the different theories behind all of the disappearances that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle and to also find out the different opinions and beliefs of the people who have researched or even traveled there. I want to be able to find reliable sources that explain this long mystery. Hopefully my final product will turn into a power point showing off all of my information and explanations on my topic, using pictures and videos so the class will understand the facts a little bit better. I will read and present all of the information in front of the class and try to get them to learn as much as I did during the entire process.

     So far some of my biggest challenges have been trying to find reliable sources for the mystery disappearances and just information in general as some sources aren’t very reliable. Some websites do not have proper information so it is sometimes hard to find real and good information. That will be my biggest challenge while researching on this topic for sure. My next steps are to further my learning and gain more reliable information on the Bermuda Triangle and try to make my final product the best that it can be. 

   Even though people might have different opinions on this topic, I personally agree with it. I think school does kill the potential creativity that we have and makes us hold it back, especially when it comes to more academic classes like math and science. Some teachers don't let us put our own creativity and thoughts into the assignments, projects, and work that we do and instead give us specific guide lines that we can't go beyond.  Sometimes they don't let us have our own take on the things that we do and sometimes don't consider what the students can bring to the table. We aren't able to use our creativity in school very much and I think that should change.
   Hi I'm Martina, i'm 14 years old, I'm in 10th grade, and I was born on November 23rd 1998 at Burnaby General Hospital. I'm an only child, and I love going on the internet, hanging out with my friends, and shopping! My favourite movie is The Mortal Instruments and my favourite book is The Hunger Games. My favourite subject in school is social studies, i think the history of the world is really interesting. I hope to be able to go to university after i'm finished high school and further my learning and skills and find something i want to do and have fun with when i'm older. Over all I'm excited to see what new and fun things i will learn this year in the 10th grade!